EVITAL Vision, EVITAL mission and EVITAL values speak to people on a human and emotional level, helping people to connect with the brand, and also to develop loyalty.

  • EVITAL is a range of food supplements, for those interested in addressing the specific nutritional needs of all family members, as it helps you to maintaining a healthy body at any age through dedicated combinations of natural ingredients and/or vitamins and minerals chosen with great knowledge, in the right dosage, just what you need: nothing more and nothing less

The logo is a balance between emotional and efficient and symbolizes the brand:

Efficient and cutting edge food supplements for the health of all family members!

The elements of the logo are:

  • The apple: family, natural, balanced
  • The Black EVITAL letters: efficiency, medical endorsement, trustworthy

This statement is supporting by our Key communication elements:

  1. EVITAL® is a complete range of food supplements that meet specific nutritional needs of each family member (starting the 1st day of life until the age of maturity) and addresses the most important areas of prevention in terms of incidence at European level (high cardiovascular risk, CNS, digestive, vitamin D deficiency)
  2. EVITAL® products contain natural standard extracts, most of them having the pharmaceutical form of soft gelatin capsules, as to confer a faster absorption of the active substance, high bioavailability and easy to administer.
  3. EVITAL® products are medicalized products, respecting GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards, HACCP (Hazard Analysis of Critical Control Points), Halal and Kosher quality certificates under one umbrella, made in EU, in countries as Spain, France, Poland.

Unlike many food supplements brands, EVITAL range contains not only high-quality products but also value-added healthcare products and services that addresses the most important areas of prevention in terms of incidence at European level.

Our customers must see our range of food supplements as products that are bringing a major contribution in the maintaining a healthy body at all ages.