About Us

Brand description: Vision, Mission, Values

EVITAL vision, mission and values speak to people on a human and emotional level, helping people to connect with the brand, and also to develop loyalty.


To be the preferred food supplements by our customers by covering unmet needs and to be in the top 3 companies of food supplements in all markets where we operate by fulfilling the highest standards for quality, consistency, product assortments, value-added support services and integrity in our business and customer relationships.

Our Mission is

  • To provide education and help the communities have more knowledge about maintaining & improving their health using EVITAL food supplements and to enable our customers to make healthy choices every day.
  • To exceed the needs and expectations of our customers by creating partnerships based on trust, integrity, customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Brand Values

  • Flexibility: Understanding specific markets needs, anticipate markets opportunities and making fast decision in our products portfolio with a pro-active approach. Growing presence in other countries/ markets.
  • Customer focus: Making a difference in people’s lives through healthy food supplements. When interacting with EVITAL, our customers must be our primary focus. Whether they are consumers, healthcare professionals, industry partners, they should feel that we put their needs first.
  • Ambitious: We shall set the highest standard in everything we do and reach challenging goals.
  • Engaged with stakeholders: We shall seek an active dialogue with our stakeholders to help us develop and strengthen our businesses.
  • Integrity: Acting with ethics, honesty, teamwork and trust